The Reasons Behind Furano’s Excellent Wine

Furano Wine owes its unique character to the bountiful nature of Furano ? the region’s rich soil and distinct climate. Each bottle embodies the blessings of nature, the dedication and skill of our winemakers, and the passion of Furano’s people.

One reason that Furano City embarked upon its project to cultivate wine grapes is that research found Furano’s climate and soil conditions to be strikingly similar to grape-growing regions of Northern Europe.

Of course, it takes much more than an ideal climate and rich soil to make an excellent wine. Furano’s mature, high-quality grapes are the result of careful selection and breeding, together with advanced cultivation technology. Superior winemaking techniques, painstaking attention to detail and dedicated quality control have transformed these grapes into excellent wines.

Before going on the market, Furano Wine was highly acclaimed through tastings and free samples, and was able to enter distribution without special promotion costs. Throughout Furano, interested liquor stores came up with original ways to promote Furano Wine.

Furano Wine owes its success to these many contributors. We are committed to work harder than ever so that our wines can continue to be enjoyed far and wide.

History of Furano Wine

April 1, 1972: The Furano City Grape Juice Research Station is established in a single-story
wooden building fitted with the bare minimum equipment.
Later, experiments to produce Furano Wine would begin. Table grapes were also used, which were mostly wild-growing species.

How to Enjoy Furano Wine

The Key to Delicious Wine is Proper Storage

Wine requires care to preserve its delicate flavor. Agitating wine prior to drinking will upset the balanced flavor of a well-rested wine. Likewise, please avoid suddenly chilling or warming wine. To drink wine cold, it is best to slowly chill it in the refrigerator from the day before, taking care not to agitate the bottle.

Wine Service Etiquette

“Wine etiquette” may sound overly strict and formal, but a small amount of effort can enhance your guest’s enjoyment of wine and their meal. The wine glass should be placed on a guest’s right. To avoid reaching over your guest’s dishes or interfering with the meal, pour wine from the guest’s right side. Proper wine service will enhance the taste and enjoyment of your meal.

Characteristics of Furano Wine

There are a wide range of Furano wines, suiting a variety of tastes. Our longest seller is our original “Furano Wine”. The fruity aroma of Furano Red hides herbal notes characteristic of Furano grapes, providing just the right amount of astringency for a smooth, easily-drinkable red wine. Furano White is known for its lime-like citrus fruit fragrance and crisp, bright flavor. Furano Grape Juice is an alternative for those who do not drink wine. This healthy grape beverage is perfect for children as well. We invite you to try our carefully-made products.